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Entry #17

Super Paint Brawl (Orignally known as MS Paint Brawl)

2011-11-14 23:37:30 by nitroexsplosion

A Forum created by Balto-boy like 3 years ago. After BBR (Known as Big-bad-Ron), hero to some, villian to others, locked the MS Paint brawl thread that was created by the user Trinidex some 3 1/2 years ago. Been up for almost 4 years. Users come and go, fights happen and cease (picture fights, and some debate), and there's generally fun to be had.

Its not just a website you come to to just draw pictures, you can practice with art, get advice, create stories and come up with plots that other users will (hopefully) join. I'm a member myself since it was created, I've enjoyed the forum ever since, and I must say. My art has improved substantially since the mspb thread that was deleted here.

So come take a gander and sign up if you'd like to.

Super paint brawl


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